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restoring the rhythm of the heart to normal by applying direct-current electrical shock.

cardioversion car·di·o·ver·sion (kär’dē-ō-vûr’zhən, -shən)
Restoration of the heartbeat to normal by electrical countershock or by use of medication.


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  • Cardioverter

    cardioverter cardioverter car·di·o·ver·ter (kär’dē-ō-vûr’tər) n. A device for administering an electric shock in cardioversion.

  • Carditis

    inflammation of the pericardium, myocardium, or endocardium, separately or in combination. noun inflammation of the heart carditis car·di·tis (kär-dī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the muscle tissue of the heart. Also called myocarditis.

  • -cardium

    a combining form occurring in compounds that denote tissue or organs associated with the heart, as specified by the initial element: myocardium; pericardium.

  • Cardon

    a composite plant, Cynara cardunculus, of the Mediterranean area, having a root and leafstalks eaten as a vegetable. Contemporary Examples And cardon told Politico last week, “I think Jeff and I are both quality gentlemen who will keep it to the issues.” The Other Mormon Primary McKay Coppins August 10, 2011 Historical Examples Brigade commander […]

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