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the lading or freight of a ship, airplane, etc.
cargos, pants or shorts having several cargo pockets to hold bulky gear and small items.
of or denoting a style of pants or shorts with cargo pockets.
Contemporary Examples

cargo holds are still stocked with munition, though the weaponry sunk with the ships is still considered dangerous.
A WWII Battle Frozen in Time Nina Strochlic May 13, 2014

In one story, a grandmother awakes to find herself on a cargo ship devoid of crew but full of other confused grandmothers.
This Week’s Hot Reads: May 6, 2013 Nicholas Mancusi May 5, 2013

Thus it attracted a wave of cowboy operators to fly passengers and cargo between cities.
Who Will Get AsiaAir 8501’s Black Boxes? Clive Irving December 29, 2014

In 2010, AQAP managed to place bombs in two U.S. cargo planes.
Meet the Terrorist Who Most Terrifies America’s Terrorist Hunters Daniel Klaidman August 7, 2013

To prove the fallacy of said cargo cult, Olson goes into the numbers.
The GOP’s Socially Conservative Minority Voter Cargo Cult Justin Green December 14, 2012

Historical Examples

It was no easy matter to transfer the cargo from the submerged boat.
Left on the Labrador Dillon Wallace

When we got out the cargo, we found it much damaged, particularly the wheat.
Ned Myers James Fenimore Cooper

In a few days the Packet received her cargo, consisting chiefly of tobacco and molasses.
Jack in the Forecastle John Sherburne Sleeper

We had an ordinary run to Charleston, and began to prepare for the reception of our cargo.
Ned Myers James Fenimore Cooper

If you will lend me money enough to buy a pair of oxen I will begin to team a cargo of nitrate down myself.
Jack North’s Treasure Hunt Roy Rockwood

noun (pl) -goes, -gos

goods carried by a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle; freight
(as modifier): a cargo vessel

any load: the train pulled in with its cargo of new arrivals

1650s, “freight loaded on a ship,” from Spanish cargo “burden,” from cargar “to load, impose taxes,” from Late Latin carricare “to load on a cart” (see charge (v.)). South Pacific cargo cult is from 1949. Cargo pants attested from 1977.


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