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a member of a group of Indian peoples formerly dominant through the Lesser Antilles, now found in small numbers in a few areas of the West Indies and in parts of Central America and northeastern South America.
the family of languages spoken by the Caribs.
Historical Examples

Carib grass on muck soils is, from limited data, superior to Para grass both in yield and quality.
Florida: An Ideal Cattle State Florida State Live Stock Association

The Carib women in Surinam think that large calves of the leg are a beauty.
Folkways William Graham Sumner

They were more martial and better sailors than any they had seen since they left the Carib islands.
Christopher Columbus and How He Received and Imparted the Spirit of Discovery Justin Winsor

The population was largely Carib, a savage race given to cannibalism.
Plotting in Pirate Seas Francis Rolt-Wheeler

The Spaniards had destroyed the original Carib and Indian inhabitants.
The English in the West Indies James Anthony Froude

The Carib, with a sudden quick movement, bent low for a blow at his chest.
The Red Lure Roy J. Snell

But that is not the Carib way; it would be a breach of loyalty.
The Woodlands Orchids Frederick Boyle

When he arrived at camp he found everyone asleep but one Carib watchman.
Forbidden Cargoes Roy J. Snell

Carib tradition was developed by artists from London and Paris.
The English in the West Indies James Anthony Froude

Montbarts sat down in a chair, and then turned to the Carib.
The Buccaneer Chief Gustave Aimard

(pl) -ibs, -ib. a member of a group of American Indian peoples of NE South America and the Lesser Antilles
the family of languages spoken by these peoples

1550s, from Spanish Caribe, from Arawakan kalingo or kalino, said to mean “brave ones” or else “strong men.” As an adjective by 1881.


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