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a female given name, form of Caroline.
Contemporary Examples

The Brits went off Carla almost as soon as she was back in Paris.
Why Michelle Wows the Brits Tina Brown March 30, 2009

Carla Bruni It goes without saying that model-turned-chanteuse-turned-first-lady Carla Bruni is a style maven.
First Lady Arms Race Alisa Gould-Simon March 10, 2009

From Donald and Marla to Sarkozy and Carla, VIEW OUR GALLERY and read our guide to the art of marrying up.
The Shelf Life of a Trophy Wife Johanna Piazza June 22, 2009

Comments on Twitter have ranged from the likes of “Morsi’s wife is no Carla Bruni” to “I am so proud of the way Mrs. Morsi looks.”
Egypt’s Ultraconservative First Lady Naglaa Ali Vivian Salama June 26, 2012

So, months later, Sarkozy remarried former supermodel Carla Bruni.
French Election: Four Ways Nicolas Sarkozy Got Screwed Christopher Dickey April 21, 2012

Historical Examples

And Carla grew into the affection of the family, for she was a refined, winsome creature.
The Angel of the Gila: Cora Marsland

Clifton remonstrated, and they taunted him about Carla Earle.
The Angel of the Gila: Cora Marsland

Do you notice how much Carla is growing like our Miss Bright?
The Angel of the Gila: Cora Marsland

At first Carla avoided looking into the face of her companion.
The Angel of the Gila: Cora Marsland

Only Miss Bright is a remarkably well-poised woman, and Carla is clinging and dependent.
The Angel of the Gila: Cora Marsland


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