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an old woman.
a hag; witch.
Contemporary Examples

Billy Preston and Janis Ian joined carlin as musical guests.
The Week in Nostalgia: ‘SNL’ Launches, O’Reilly Debuts & More (VIDEO) Chancellor Agard October 11, 2013

carlin Romano covers scores of philosophers and their extremely serious works in his new book, America the Philosophical.
Carlin Romano’s Philosophical Book Bag Carlin Romano May 21, 2012

carlin, who died in 2008, still resonates with comedians and comedy fans as much as at any time when he was alive.
Why George Carlin Deserves His Own Street Kevin Bartini October 20, 2014

Both Cohen and carlin are, understandably, pretty pleased that Liberty has been taken down.
The Government’s Perilous Bitcoin Chase Michelle Cottle July 24, 2013

carlin ended his routine with one last look at the difference between baseball and football.
Will a Criminal Enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Evan Weiner January 31, 2014

Historical Examples

The Mongolian came in from the kitchen and carlin interrogated him.
The Comstock Club Charles Carroll Goodwin

Well, the man in the bank at carlin called up the bank of Calias, and they said the money was there.
The Conquest Oscar Micheaux

The express which passes here at seven-thirty stops at carlin, six miles north of this station.
Fame and Fortune Weekly, No. 801, February 4, 1921 Various

carlin had leaped from the train while yet it was moving quite rapidly.
The Comstock Club Charles Carroll Goodwin

When he found himself able to think, he determined that his first move must be to find carlin, and that very night.
Felix O’Day F. Hopkinson Smith

another name for pug1
a Eurasian thistle-like plant, Carlina vulgaris, having spiny leaves and flower heads surrounded by raylike whitish bracts: family Asteraceae (composites) Also called carline thistle
(mainly Scot) an old woman, hag, or witch
a variant of carling


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