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Mount, a mountain range in NW Israel, near the Mediterranean coast. Highest point, 1818 feet (554 meters). 14 miles (23 km) long.
a town in central Indiana.
Also called Carmel-by-the-Sea
[kahr-mel-bahy-th uh-see] /kɑrˈmɛlˌbaɪ ðəˈsi/ (Show IPA). a town in W California, on the Pacific Ocean: artists’ colony and resort.
a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “garden.”.
Contemporary Examples

The Carmel blaze was a failed test, both horrible and useful.
Israel’s Inferno Fania Oz-Salzberger December 4, 2010

Strong easterly winds drove the fire down the westerly slopes of the Carmel Range.
Israel’s Inferno Fania Oz-Salzberger December 4, 2010

Actually, “Drag Queen Barbie is the most fabulous Barbie yet,” adds Carmel Lobello at Death and Taxes.
Mattel’s Buzzy New ‘Drag Queen Barbie’ Is No Cross Dresser Kevin Fallon August 22, 2012

Historical Examples

Carmel, the great southern headland of Phoenicia, is balanced in a certain sense by the extreme northern headland of Casius.
History of Phoenicia George Rawlinson

They haunt not only Carmel and Lebanon, but many portions of the coast tract.
History of Phoenicia George Rawlinson

It is worthy of note, that in this single place the ancient name of Carmel is preserved among the people.
Byeways in Palestine James Finn

It was such a fresh aspect of Carmel that the girls stared at her in amazement.
The Princess of the School Angela Brazil

There is a plain of varied width between Carmel and the shore.
Letters from Palestine J. D. Paxton

Carmel thanked him, and turned away with her eyes full of tears.
The Princess of the School Angela Brazil

For the white, vine-covered house that looked over the blue waters of the Mediterranean was still essentially “home” to Carmel.
The Princess of the School Angela Brazil

Mount Carmel, a mountain ridge in NW Israel, extending from the Samarian Hills to the Mediterranean. Highest point: about 540 m (1800 ft)

mountain in northern Israel, from Latin Carmel, from Greek Karmel, from Hebrew karmel “garden, fertile field.”

a park; generally with the article, “the park.” (1.) A prominent headland of Central Palestine, consisting of several connected hills extending from the plain of Esdraelon to the sea, a distance of some 12 miles or more. At the east end, in its highest part, it is 1,728 feet high, and at the west end it forms a promontory to the bay of Acre about 600 feet above the sea. It lay within the tribe of Asher. It was here, at the east end of the ridge, at a place called el-Mukhrakah (i.e., the place of burning), that Elijah brought back the people to their allegiance to God, and slew the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18). Here were consumed the “fifties” of the royal guard; and here also Elisha received the visit of the bereaved mother whose son was restored by him to life (2 Kings 4:25-37). “No mountain in or around Palestine retains its ancient beauty so much as Carmel. Two or three villages and some scattered cottages are found on it; its groves are few but luxuriant; it is no place for crags and precipices or rocks of wild goats; but its surface is covered with a rich and constant verdure.” “The whole mountain-side is dressed with blossom, and flowering shrubs, and fragrant herbs.” The western extremity of the ridge is, however, more rocky and bleak than the eastern. The head of the bride in Cant. 7:5 is compared to Carmel. It is ranked with Bashan on account of its rich pastures (Isa. 33:9; Jer. 50:19; Amos 1:2). The whole ridge is deeply furrowed with rocky ravines filled with dense jungle. There are many caves in its sides, which at one time were inhabited by swarms of monks. These caves are referred to in Amos 9:3. To them Elijah and Elisha often resorted (1 Kings 18:19, 42; 2 Kings 2:25). On its north-west summit there is an ancient establishment of Carmelite monks. Vineyards have recently been planted on the mount by the German colonists of Haifa. The modern Arabic name of the mount is Kurmul, but more commonly Jebel Mar Elyas, i.e., Mount St. Elias, from the Convent of Elias. (2.) A town in the hill country of Judah (Josh. 15:55), the residence of Nabal (1 Sam. 25:2, 5, 7, 40), and the native place of Abigail, who became David’s wife (1 Sam. 27:3). Here king Uzziah had his vineyards (2 Chr. 26:10). The ruins of this town still remain under the name of Kurmul, about 10 miles south-south-east of Hebron, close to those of Maon.


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