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Andrew, 1835–1919, U.S. steel manufacturer and philanthropist, born in Scotland.
Dale, 1888–1955, U.S. author and teacher of self-improvement techniques.
a city in SW Pennsylvania.
Contemporary Examples

One spring night four years ago my fiancée and I were at Carnegie Hall, listening to the Emerson String Quartet play Beethoven.
Encounters With Thomas Pynchon Nick Romeo October 4, 2011

The denouement of her career came on October 25, 1944, when she sold out Carnegie Hall.
Dead Cool: Florence Foster Jenkins Simon Doonan July 9, 2010

It was finally finished in 1908 with money from the Carnegie Foundation.
Only Six Books: Excerpt From Jeanette Winterson’s New Memoir Jeanette Winterson March 6, 2012

I’m an Associate Professor of Engineering & Public Policy and Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
Electric Vehicles May Be the Green Car of the Future, But Hybrids Are the Green Car of the Present Megan McArdle January 23, 2013

Yesterday, I did an interview with Professor Jeremy Michalek of Carnegie Mellon, who has done research into that very question.
Electric Vehicles May Be the Green Car of the Future, But Hybrids Are the Green Car of the Present Megan McArdle January 23, 2013

Historical Examples

It was not accidental, as with Rockefeller, nor incidental, as with Carnegie.
The Romance of the Reaper Herbert Newton Casson

“That Carnegie is a hot sport, all right,” he declared warmly.
Ruggles of Red Gap Harry Leon Wilson

As each month’s output surpassed that which had gone before, Carnegie always came back with the same cry of “More.”
The Age of Big Business Burton J. Hendrick

“He’s a Scot from Scotland, and his name is Carnegie,” was the answer.
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 11 (of 14) Elbert Hubbard

There was a great deal of praise being bestowed about this time on Mr. Carnegie’s library gifts.
T. De Witt Talmage T. De Witt Talmage

Andrew. 1835–1919, US steel manufacturer and philanthropist, born in Scotland: endowed public libraries, education, and research trusts


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