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a person employed by a carnival.
carnival (def 1).
of or relating to carnivals:
carny slang.
Contemporary Examples

“The president feels, we feel at the White House, this is a distraction,” carney said when asked about Weiner.
White House: Weiner Is a ‘Distraction’ The Daily Beast June 12, 2011

carney did say that some of the meetings include supporters of other candidates in the race.
How Perry Could Win Jill Lawrence July 28, 2011

“The president is obligated to enforce the law,” carney said, but he would no longer defend it in federal court.
Obama Drops Gay Marriage Bomb Eve Conant, Daniel Stone February 22, 2011

carney declined to specify how the decision to indict Chinese officials publicly was coordinated with the White House.
#ShotsFired in U.S.-China Cyberwar Jacob Siegel, Josh Rogin May 19, 2014

So when carney and the White House finally abandoned damage control mode, not one bad thing happened to them.
How to Stop a Scandal Michael Tomasky May 15, 2013

Historical Examples

carney was thinking fast, and a glint of light shot athwart his placid gray eyes.
Bulldog Carney W. A. Fraser

Why, Judge carney’s boys had been lost all night and breakfasted on blueberries.
The Innocent Adventuress Mary Hastings Bradley

“Now step back fifteen paces while I make my toilet,” carney commanded, toying with his 6-gun in the way of emphasis.
Bulldog Carney W. A. Fraser

His name was Hessler and his rescuer was a trainman named carney.
The Johnstown Horror James Herbert Walker

As carney sat the buckskin outside, he whispered, “Do you get it, Billy—owners up?”
Bulldog Carney W. A. Fraser

verb -nies, -nying, -nied, -neys, -neying, -neyed
(Brit, informal) to coax or cajole or act in a wheedling manner
noun (US & Canadian, slang) (pl) -nies
short for carnival
a person who works in a carnival

1931, U.S. slang, short for carnival worker (see carnival).


: carny talk/ a carney family


A carnival
A carnival worker or member of such a worker’s family: outdoor show people, the ”carnies,” who travel from town to town with carnivals
The occupational idiom or jargon of carnival people: I thought you talked carney by now (1930s+)


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