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a person employed by a carnival.
carnival (def 1).
of or relating to carnivals:
carny slang.
Contemporary Examples

The freaks are cooking the books, and the carny world turns into a funhouse mirror of the allegedly real one.
The Most Underrated Novels I’ve Edited Daniel Menaker November 18, 2013

A Florida native, Russell ably captures her state’s wonky blend of natural beauty and carny effects.
Great Weekend Reads The Daily Beast February 11, 2011

Historical Examples

Some people never really adjusted to carny life—where everybody knows everything.
Charley de Milo Laurence Mark Janifer AKA Larry M. Harris

Castle of carny, in the parish of Moonzie, in the shire of Fife.
The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6) John Knox

He felt like doing a carny barker spiel, Step right up, step right up, this way to the great egress!
Makers Cory Doctorow

He was an Armless Wonder, a born freak, the top of the carny ladder, with a good job wherever he cared to look for one.
Charley de Milo Laurence Mark Janifer AKA Larry M. Harris

It was much more like a carny haunted house trade-show floor now.
Makers Cory Doctorow

verb -nies, -nying, -nied, -neys, -neying, -neyed
(Brit, informal) to coax or cajole or act in a wheedling manner
noun (US & Canadian, slang) (pl) -nies
short for carnival
a person who works in a carnival

1931, U.S. slang, short for carnival worker (see carnival).


: carny talk/ a carney family


A carnival
A carnival worker or member of such a worker’s family: outdoor show people, the ”carnies,” who travel from town to town with carnivals
The occupational idiom or jargon of carnival people: I thought you talked carney by now (1930s+)


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