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a river in SE Venezuela, flowing N to the Orinoco River. 550 miles (885 km) long.
Historical Examples

Berreo reoccupied the site; and Keymis found the mouth of the caroni blocked, and guarded by a battery.
Sir Walter Ralegh William Stebbing

It was first founded by Jesuits in 1576, close to the confluence of the caroni and Orinoko.
Sir Walter Ralegh William Stebbing

caroni, the famous grand opera leader, stood ready to conduct.
Carmen Ariza Charles Francis Stocking

Aguacagua, an Indian mission, on a branch of the Oronoco, called caroni.
The Indian in his Wigwam Henry R. Schoolcraft

Thence he would have ascended the caroni, but his men could not row a stone’s throw in an hour.
Sir Walter Ralegh William Stebbing


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