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caroticotympanic ca·rot·i·co·tym·pan·ic (kə-rŏt’ĭ-kō-tĭm-pān’ĭk)
Of, relating to, or involving the carotid canal and the tympanum.


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  • Carotid

    Also called carotid artery. either of the two large arteries, one on each side of the head, that carry blood to the head and that divide into an external branch supplying the neck, face, and other external parts, and an internal branch supplying the brain, eye, and other internal parts. pertaining to a carotid artery. […]

  • Carotid-body

    a small mass of cells and nerve endings adjacent to the carotid sinus that, in response to chemical changes in the blood, adjusts the respiratory rate. carotid body n. A small epithelioid structure, located just above the bifurcation of the common carotid artery on each side that serves as a chemoreceptor organ responsive to lack […]

  • Carotid bruit

    carotid bruit carotid bruit n. A bruit produced by blood flow in a carotid artery.

  • Carotid canal

    carotid canal carotid canal n. A passage through the petrous part of the temporal bone that transmits the internal carotid artery.

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