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Carpet bowling

a form of bowls played indoors on a strip of carpet, at the centre of which lies an obstacle round which the bowl has to pass


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  • Carpet-grass

    either of two grasses, Axonopus affinis or A. compressus, native to tropical and subtropical America.

  • Carpet-moth

    a clothes moth, Trichophaga tapetzella, the larvae of which infest carpets and other woolen articles. noun any of several geometrid moths with black- (or brown-)and-white mottled wings

  • Carpet muncher

    noun a lesbian Word Origin 1992 Usage Note derogatory slang

  • Carpet plot

    noun (maths) the graphed values of a function of more than one variable, read from an ordinate at points located by the intersection of curves of constant values of each of the variables

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