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rug rat


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  • Carpet-shark

    any shark of the family Orectolobidae, found in tropical Indo-Pacific waters, having mottled skin and fleshy lobes along the sides of the head. noun any of various sharks of the family Orectolobidae, having two dorsal fins and a patterned back, typically marked with white and brown

  • Carpet-slipper

    a house slipper, especially one for men, made of carpet material. Historical Examples Her carpet-slipper had come off, and as she wore no hosiery, the situation was indeed embarrassing. The Great White Tribe in Filipinia Paul T. Gilbert noun one of a pair of slippers, originally one made with woollen uppers resembling carpeting

  • Carpet-snake

    a large, nonvenomous Australian python, Morelia spilotes variegata, having a variegated pattern on its back, often used to control rats and mice in barns and silos. Historical Examples The carpet-snake is occasionally kept in the house or in the barn to destroy mice and other small vermin. Peeps At Many Lands: Australia Frank Fox noun […]

  • Carpet-sweeper

    a pushable, long-handled implement for removing dirt, lint, etc., from rugs and carpets, consisting of a metal case enclosing one or more brushes that rotate. Historical Examples A carpet-sweeper is more hygienic than a broom, and a vacuum cleaner is better than a carpet-sweeper. How to Live Irving Fisher and Eugene Fisk They have many […]

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