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a combination of -carp and -ic used in the formation of adjectives from stems in -carp:
combining form
a variant of -carpous


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    characterized by fussy or petulant faultfinding; querulous: carping criticism. petty faultfinding. to find fault or complain querulously or unreasonably; be niggling in criticizing; cavil: to carp at minor errors. a peevish complaint. Contemporary Examples Facebook’s answer to its critics is: pay no attention to the carping. Facebook’s Dilemma: Invade Privacy or Go Bust David Frum […]

  • Carpinteria

    a town in SW California.

  • Carpo

    an ancient Greek goddess of summer fruit, considered by Athenians as one of the Horae. a combining form meaning “fruit,” “fruiting body,” used in the formation of compound words: carpophore; carpogonium. a combining form meaning “wrist,” used in the formation of compound words: carpometacarpal. Historical Examples It may perhaps not be superfluous here to observe […]

  • Carpocarpal

    carpocarpal carpocarpal car·po·car·pal (kär’pō-kär’pəl) adj. Mediocarpal.

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