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coach house.
Historical Examples

He flew to the top of the carriage-house, and all of the doves came to meet him and kept flying around him.
Harper’s Young People, January 11, 1881 Various

On the carriage-house side in the sun were some chicken-coops.
A Little Girl in Old New York Amanda Millie Douglas

The loft of the stable was ready to burst with hay provided for Gypsy, but the long room over the carriage-house was unoccupied.
The Story of a Bad Boy Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Isaac, run out to the carriage-house, and get a piece of that black rock.
The Humors of Falconbridge Jonathan F. Kelley

Ephraim had a comfortable lounge in the carriage-house loft and was ready for his afternoon nap.
Dorothy Evelyn Raymond

The carriage-house was as cool a place as one could have found.
The Jonathan Papers Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris

His stable and carriage-house presented the appearance of some of our large city livery establishments.
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass

Rena stood high on the carriage-house steps and held the lantern.
The Wishing Moon Louise Elizabeth Dutton

At the top of the hill he stopped to paste a bill on the door of the carriage-house on Pere Abelard’s farm.
A Hilltop on the Marne Mildred Aldrich

Bobby’s big brother John unhitched Prince, put him into the stable and pushed the buggy into the carriage-house.
Bobby of Cloverfield Farm Helen Fuller Orton


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