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a small, open, two-wheeled vehicle.
a covered cart.
a light, open sleigh pulled by horses or dogs, especially one used in French Canada.
Historical Examples

To sit properly in a carriole, you should be rather round-shouldered, as its shape is not unlike half a walnut, scooped out.
A Yacht Voyage to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden W. A. Ross

It comes, by the law of Hobson-Jobson, from the French carriole.
The American Language Henry L. Mencken

In returning, the carriole in which Peter Bedford rode struck against a rock at a sharp corner and was overset.
Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel John Yeardley

“There’s something in the wind,” whispered Jacquelin, as Mariette passed the carriole.
An Old Maid Honore de Balzac

The carriole may be considered to be the national vehicle of Norway, and is certainly the most comfortable.
Peeps at Many Lands: Norway A.F. Mockler-Ferryman

I remembered it before we had gone very far, and raced back alone in the carriole.
Norway Beatrix Jungman

The wolf kept the centre of the river, and the carriole bounded from snow-pack to snow-pack, or shot along the level ice.
The World’s Greatest Books, Volume 19 Various

Some Indians came in and lay down before the fire with the carriole driver.
The Quality of Mercy W. D. Howells

This ran through his mind in the presence of the old man who bustled out of the door of the cabin where his carriole had stopped.
The Quality of Mercy W. D. Howells

As his carriole slipped lightly over it, Northwick had a fantastic sense of his own minuteness and remoteness.
The Quality of Mercy W. D. Howells

a variant spelling of cariole
a small open two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle
a covered cart


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