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a large bag, basket, etc., especially a large, lightweight piece of luggage with soft sides.
a four-wheeled covered carriage having seats for four persons, usually drawn by one horse.
a passenger automobile or bus having two facing benches running the length of the body.
Historical Examples

“That’s what they get for crowding us out of the carryall,” he said to Coulter and Paxton, who roomed with him.
The Mystery at Putnam Hall Arthur M. Winfield

I procured a carryall at the stable, and drove my mother to the cottage.
Seek and Find Oliver Optic

As the distance is only ten miles, I shall send him over in the carryall after an early tea.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 11, No. 68, June, 1863 Various

The husband came up after supper and took them home in a carryall.
A Little Girl in Old Boston Amanda Millie Douglas

The driver of the carryall was so startled that he let go the reins and fell from his seat into the dust of the road.
The Mystery at Putnam Hall Arthur M. Winfield

She jumped out of the carryall and she jumped into the room.
Four Meetings Henry James

Pepper, with the misanthropy of a confirmed dyspeptic, drew the carryall, and ladies sat within it.
A Singular Life Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

He sighed, heavily, and his sigh was echoed from the back seat of the carryall.
Thankful’s Inheritance Joseph C. Lincoln

Jonas stood at the head of the carryall horse, to hold him still while the people should be getting in.
Rollo’s Museum Jacob Abbott

It was of the “carryall” variety, except that it had but a single narrow seat.
Cy Whittaker’s Place Joseph C. Lincoln

a light four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage usually designed to carry four passengers
(US & Canadian) a large strong bag with handles Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) holdall


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