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the amount a cart can hold.
Historical Examples

We had sent his substitute, the poultry-dealer, with a cartload of odds and ends to Galicia, just to have him out of the way.
Dr. Dumany’s Wife Mr Jkai

Yes, I used it to pay for a cartload of firewood I bought from a peasant.
The Forged Coupon and Other Stories Leo Tolstoy

A cartload of wood was sent to his place; papa Sournois converted it into money, and got drunk with the proceeds for a fortnight.
An Englishman in Paris Albert D. (Albert Dresden) Vandam

When they land, the countryside turns out and catches them by the cartload.
The Amazing Argentine John Foster Fraser

He had brought a cartload of novels—and before we had been in the place a week he was complaining that he had nothing to read.
To Tell You the Truth Leonard Merrick

In the rear of this party of fugitives was a cartload of women and children.
With an Ambulance During the Franco-German War Charles Edward Ryan

When Josiah went to Springfield to buy any thing, he took a cartload of things with him to exchange.
Tales of the Argonauts Bret Harte

After that it was sold by the cartload as food for the pigs, or went on to the dungheap.
Pelle the Conqueror, Complete Martin Anderson Nexo

Cartmen charged wildly and exorbitantly—some having to pay as high as fifty dollars to have carted away a cartload of stuff.
The Story of the Great Fire in St. John, N.B., June 20th, 1877 George Stewart

Let’s get a cartload of sod, and fix them all up this afternoon.
Aunt ‘Liza’s Hero and Other Stories Annie Fellows Johnston

the amount a cart can hold
a quantity of rubble, ballast, etc, of between one quarter and one half of a cubic yard


A large amount; lots; heaps, a SHITLOAD: Government documents tend (especially when there are cartloads of them) to induce a certain myopia (1570s+)


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