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(of a ship’s hull) formed of planks laid close on the frames so as to present a smooth exterior.
Compare clinker-built (def 2).
Historical Examples

They were all carvel-built boats, and the bows of each were armed with a broad sheet of copper as a protection from the ice.
The Great Frozen Sea Albert Hastings Markham

When the plates of an iron vessel are flush, as in those that are carvel-built.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

A boat is carvel-built when the planks are laid edge to edge so that they present a smooth surface without.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 1 Various

They are carvel-built—that is, the planks are placed as in a ship.
Peter the Whaler W.H.G. Kingston

Either clincher or carvel-built, no jib-stay, the jib hoisting and hanging by the halliards alone.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

A man-of-war’s boat, resembling the pinnace, but rather smaller; it is carvel-built, and generally rowed with twelve oars.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

The cutters for ships of the line are carvel-built of 25 feet, and fit for anchor work.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

(of a vessel) having a hull with planks made flush at the seams Compare clinker-built


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