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a female given name.
Contemporary Examples

Bridges talks to Caryn James about his insecurity—and how acting is like being born again.
Jeff Bridges’ Crazy Oscar Bid Caryn James December 11, 2009

The Daily Beast’s Caryn James on this fall’s most charming indie film.
Little Miss Palestine Caryn James August 31, 2009

Caryn James is film critic for Marie Claire magazine and contributes to T he New York Times Book Review.
Grey Gardens’ Mad Women Caryn James April 13, 2009

Caryn James picks four other recent novels that also take on the classics.
Ann Patchett’s ‘State of Wonder’ and Other Twists on Classic Novels Caryn James December 6, 2011

Caryn James takes on Hung, HBO’s saucy new comedy about an exceptionally well-endowed man.
How Hung Is He? Caryn James June 26, 2009

Caryn James says they are as thrilling as they are relevant.
Afghanistan’s Got Talent Caryn James June 22, 2009

O’Brien’s first Tonight Show fell short because the format is so retro, says Caryn James.
Conan’s Debut Was a Yawn Caryn James June 1, 2009


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