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Case dough

case dough

noun phrase

A small amount of money set aside for emergencies; mad money (1940s+)


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  • Case-ending

    a suffix on an inflected noun, pronoun, or adjective that indicates its grammatical function. Historical Examples Thus, portam (Accusative Singular) is formed by adding the case-ending -m to the stem porta-. New Latin Grammar Charles E. Bennett

  • Case fatality rate

    case fatality rate case fatality rate n. The proportion of individuals contracting a disease who die of that disease.

  • Case framework

    case framework A set of products and conventions that allow CASE tools to be integrated into a coherent environment.

  • Case-glass

    glass composed of two or more layers of glass in different colors, often having the top layer cut or ground away so that the lower layer can serve as background or contrast.

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