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a device, similar to an abacus, for recording the cards as they are drawn from the dealing box.


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    case2 (def 10). an often small or portable container for enclosing something, as for carrying or safekeeping; receptacle: a jewel case. a sheath or outer covering: a knife case. a box with its contents: a case of ginger ale. the amount contained in a box or other container: There are a dozen bottles to a […]

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    case data interchange format (CDIF) An emerging standard for interchange of data between CASE tools. (1994-11-03)

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    a suffix on an inflected noun, pronoun, or adjective that indicates its grammatical function. Historical Examples Thus, portam (Accusative Singular) is formed by adding the case-ending -m to the stem porta-. New Latin Grammar Charles E. Bennett

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