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a window sash opening on hinges that are generally attached to the upright side of its frame.
Also called casement window. a window with such a sash or sashes.
a casing or covering.
a window frame that is hinged on one side
a window containing frames hinged at the side or at the top or bottom
a poetic word for window
Sir Roger (David). 1864–1916, British diplomat and Irish nationalist: hanged by the British for treason in attempting to gain German support for Irish independence

type of hinged sash-window that swings open like doors, early 15c., “hollow molding,” probably a shortening of Old French dialectal enchassement “window frame” (Modern French enchâssement), from en- “in,” prefix forming verbs, + casse “case, frame” (see case (n.2)) + -ment. Or possibly from Anglo-Latin cassementum, from casse. The “window” sense is from 1550s in English. Old folk etymology tended to make it gazement.

The Irish surname is originally Mc Casmonde (attested from 1429), from Mac Asmundr, from Irish mac “son of” + Old Norse Asmundr “god protector.”

a barrier of open-work placed before windows (Prov. 7:6). In Judg. 5:28 the Hebrew word is rendered “lattice,” in the LXX. “network,” an opening through which cool air is admitted.


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