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a book in which to record money received and paid out.
Historical Examples

A cash-book was used in keeping accounts, and about one-third of their customers were white people.
The Negro at Work in New York City George Edmund Haynes

The proprietor kept a cash-book which he balanced once a week.
The Negro at Work in New York City George Edmund Haynes

He swears that he himself kept the three books (the journal, ledger, and cash-book,) and that Rerdell never made an entry in them.
The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 10 (of 12) Robert G. Ingersoll

There was nothing left now but to examine the cash-book, for form’s sake.
Masterpieces of Mystery In Four Volumes Various

The love affair began like a novel and ended like a cash-book.
The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2 Rupert Hughes

She took up a pen at this, and opened the cash-book upon the blotter.
The Market-Place Harold Frederic

Mr. Hamlin turned again to his cash-book, but his counting was interrupted in a few minutes by a loud rapping at the street-door.
Historic Events of Colonial Days Rupert S. Holland

She was soon familiar with stock-book, ledger, cash-book, and banker’s accounts.
Elizabeth Gilbert and Her Work for the Blind Frances Martin

Ledger and cash-book, with cash-register, kept record of business transacted.
The Negro at Work in New York City George Edmund Haynes

Ledger, cash-book, day-book, and funeral register were used in keeping accounts.
The Negro at Work in New York City George Edmund Haynes

(accounting) a journal in which all cash or cheque receipts and disbursements are recorded


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