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a container made and shaped like a barrel, especially one larger and stronger, for holding liquids.
the quantity such a container holds:
wine at 32 guineas a cask.
to place or store in a cask.
a strong wooden barrel used mainly to hold alcoholic drink: a wine cask
any barrel
the quantity contained in a cask
(Austral) a lightweight cardboard container with plastic lining and a small tap, used to hold and serve wine
(engineering) another name for flask (sense 6)

mid-15c., from Middle French casque “cask; helmet,” from Spanish casco “skull, cask, helmet,” originally “potsherd,” from cascar “to break up,” from Vulgar Latin *quassicare, frequentative of Latin quassare “to shake, shatter” (see quash). The sense evolution is unclear.


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