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an open, conical helmet with a nose guard, commonly used in the medieval period.
any helmet-shaped head covering.
Zoology. a process or formation on the head, resembling a helmet.
Historical Examples

The knight gazed on the casque, dismounted, and kneeling down, seemed to pray inwardly for some minutes.
The World’s Greatest Books, Vol VIII Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds.

Tymbre is the general word used for the casque or helm by the French.
Notes and Queries, Number 218, December 31, 1853 Various

The archdeacon stepped ashore with casque and cuirass over his priestly robes, a long sword in his hand.
The Branding Needle, or The Monastery of Charolles Eugne Sue

Its visor was up, and what I saw within the casque is stamped for ever on my memory.
Scottish Ghost Stories Elliott O’Donnell

He wore a casque on his head which pointed him out as a butt for the malice of his enemies.
The Comic History Of England Gilbert Abbott A’Beckett

The bill, which is four inches long, and the casque are blackish.
Glimpses of Indian Birds Douglas Dewar

His hair, tied with a leather thong on the top of his head, fell behind his shoulders like the flowing crest of a casque.
The Casque’s Lark Eugne Sue

The casque is made of iron and horn, with silver-headed rivets.
Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe John Hewitt

I wore that ornament on my casque the day of the battle of Riffenel, at which I saw my son Victorin flash his virgin sword.
The Casque’s Lark Eugne Sue

I took off his casque, and gave him my iron cap, so that he might get some air.
The Mediaeval Mind (Volume I of II) Henry Osborn Taylor

(zoology) a helmet or a helmet-like process or structure, as on the bill of most hornbills

“armor for the head,” 1570s, from French casque (see cask).


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