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a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Pop, pop, pop, Ali—then Cassius Clay—surrounded the lumbering Scandinavian with zinging leather.
The Stacks: Harold Conrad Was Many Things, But He Was Never, Ever Dull Mark Jacobson March 7, 2014

Another Maximus factor is the august Roman -us ending, with other names like Atticus, Cassius, Augustus and Magnus heating up.
Top Baby Names of the Future Pamela Redmond Satran/Nameberry, Linda Rosenkrantz December 10, 2009

We first met Muhammad Ali as Cassius Clay — the slender, charismatic 18-year-old light-heavyweight gold medalist in 1960 in Rome.
Why Spectators Sports Thrive or Die Michael Tomasky February 14, 2013

Historical Examples

By such arguments as these Cassius attempted to calm Brutus.
Plutarch’s Lives, Volume IV Aubrey Stewart

From love of Cæsar to hate for Brutus and Cassius is but a step.
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 7 Elbert Hubbard

Above all, contact with Cassius throws into relief the greatness of Brutus.
Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist Richard G. Moulton

His affection for Cassius is not a virtue to one in especial.
The Man Shakespeare Frank Harris

The lowest place among the lost souls is occupied by the traitors, Brutus, Cassius, and Judas.
The Catholic World; Volume I, Issues 1-6 E. Rameur

Cassius tells me that you are thinking of returning to Maine.
Quin Alice Hegan Rice

The home of Cassius Trent, the truest man, the noblest heart, the whitest gentleman the good Lord ever made.
Jessica Trent: Her Life on a Ranch Evelyn Raymond

Roman gens, one of the oldest families of Rome. The conspirator against Caesar was C. Cassius Longinus.


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