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Sir Hugh (Maxwell). 1910–99, British architect; president of the Royal Academy of Arts (1976–84)
Contemporary Examples

casson, who expects to be released this year, was also forced to pay the DoE nearly $20,000 in restitution.
Gaming the Financial-Aid System Kathleen Kingsbury January 3, 2010

Historical Examples

He turned the last page; on the other side was merely the formula of leave-taking and Miss casson’s signature.
The Younger Set Robert W. Chambers

casson got up from the table and walked right up to the picture.
Haunted Places in England Elliot O’Donnell

casson thanked her for her advice and, turning on his heels, left the kitchen.
Haunted Places in England Elliot O’Donnell

“My liver must be very wrong and I must be more than ordinarily bilious,” casson said.
Haunted Places in England Elliot O’Donnell

Withers immediately went out into the street and voluntarily surrendered himself to officer casson, the first officer he met.
The Civil War in America William Howard Russell

But such as Dollier de casson must have a field for affection to enrich.
The Trail of the Sword, Complete Gilbert Parker

Mrs. Griffiths exclaimed, stopping short and staring hard at casson.
Haunted Places in England Elliot O’Donnell

“I was going to stay with casson,” replied Louis, hesitatingly.
Louis’ School Days E. J. May

The artist, casson thought, had depicted this scene with a more than ordinary touch of realism.
Haunted Places in England Elliot O’Donnell


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