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Cast adrift

see: cast loose
Contemporary Examples

Suddenly she is cast adrift without the bank of mum and dad.
Why ‘Girls’ Is Bad for Women Emma Woolf March 30, 2014

Historical Examples

A few pieces of pork, some cocoanuts, and four cutlasses, were thrown at them as they were cast adrift.
Ocean’s Story; or Triumphs of Thirty Centuries Edward Rowland

I feared, if you found out who I was, you would expose me, and I should be cast adrift.
Victor’s Triumph Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth

Soon after the barrel was cast adrift on the current that never before was known to spare a human life once fallen in its grasp.
The Niagara River Archer Butler Hulbert

You cannot escape from this clearing, for I have cast adrift your canoe.
Almayer’s Folly Joseph Conrad

This much I learned: the Other, like Lhar and her robot, had been cast adrift by a time-slip, and thus marooned here.
Where the World is Quiet Henry Kuttner

Believe me, you don’t until you have been cast adrift in it with empty pockets.
The Hand in the Dark Arthur J. Rees

The steamer towed the lifeboat to windward of the wreck into such a position that when cast adrift she could bear down on her.
Battles with the Sea R.M. Ballantyne

She was a brave girl, and to be cast adrift on the world did not terrify her much.
The Threatening Eye Edward Frederick Knight

When the birth of a son leads to discovery, Democles has them placed in an oarless boat and so cast adrift.
Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama Walter W. Greg


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