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(of a cloud) having small turrets.


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  • Castellany

    the rank, office, or jurisdiction of a castellan. the land belonging to a castle. Historical Examples My castellany of Poissy has brought me in nothing this year. Notre-Dame de Paris Victor Hugo On the march, as was his custom, Antoine de Vergy laid waste all the villages of the castellany with fire and sword. The […]

  • Castellated

    Architecture. built like a castle, especially with turrets and battlements. having many castles. Historical Examples The walls are castellated at top, and vary in height, according to the nature of the ground, from twenty to thirty feet. Narrative of the Voyages and Services of the Nemesis from 1840 to 1843 William Hutcheon Hall That, as […]

  • Castellated-beam

    a rolled metal beam the web of which is first divided by a lengthwise zigzag cut, then welded together so as to join the peaks of both halves, thus increasing its depth and strength.

  • Castellated-nut

    a tall lock nut, having on its outer face radial slits allowing for insertion of a cotter pin or wire in both the nut and a hole in its bolt, so as to prevent the nut from coming loose.

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