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Architecture. built like a castle, especially with turrets and battlements.
having many castles.
Historical Examples

The walls are castellated at top, and vary in height, according to the nature of the ground, from twenty to thirty feet.
Narrative of the Voyages and Services of the Nemesis from 1840 to 1843 William Hutcheon Hall

That, as you may have heard, is a circular building with a castellated top.
Cleek of Scotland Yard Thomas W. Hanshew

The castellated rampart which thus surrounded and guarded Nineveh did not constitute by any means its sole defence.
The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 2. (of 7): Assyria George Rawlinson

Its vertical-walled gullies, its cliffs, its castellated ridges are like none other.
The Alps Martin Conway

Piled and castellated against the sky they assumed all kinds of odd shapes.
The Boy Inventors’ Radio Telephone Richard Bonner

The sugar-loaf hills, with their castellated escarpments, go marching by with stately sweep.
Afloat on the Ohio Reuben Gold Thwaites

From this spot could be faintly discerned the castellated turrets of my own house, the Villa Romani.
Vendetta Marie Corelli

In some instances the cliffs assume a castellated appearance.
Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River, in 1820 Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

Already the castellated rocks were filling us with childish delight.
Over the Rocky Mountains to Alaska Charles Warren Stoddard

Castle Head is a perpendicular columned mass, appearing like a colossal, castellated doorway, flanked by square towers.
America, Volume 5 (of 6) Joel Cook

having turrets and battlements, like a castle
having indentations similar to battlements: a castellated nut, a castellated filament

“furnished with turrets and battlements,” 1670s, from Medieval Latin castellatus “built like a castle,” past participle of castellare “to fortify as a castle,” from Latin castellum “fort” (see castle (n.)). Related: Castellation.


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