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a boat having one mast set well forward with a single large sail.
Historical Examples

Of course, the weather must be good or it’s no joy job taking females to Setuckit in a catboat.
Cape Cod Stories Joseph C. Lincoln

And sure enough he come back, in his catboat, on Thursday evenin’, after you’d turned in.
The Depot Master Joseph C. Lincoln

Not until the catboat came back to the dock did she move out of the shadow of the boathouse.
Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point Alice B. Emerson

The cod smelt fishy; so did the bait, and the catboat rolled and rolled.
Cap’n Eri Joseph Crosby Lincoln

It was after luncheon before the three friends got away from the Stone bungalow in the catboat.
Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point Alice B. Emerson

The legs flapped like the mainsail of a catboat that’s coming about.
At Good Old Siwash George Fitch

Suppose Nita and her companion should be wrecked in the catboat?
Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point Alice B. Emerson

They will draw a little, and that gives us an advantage over that catboat.
The Rival Campers Ruel Perley Smith

They caught one more glimpse of the catboat as it raced ahead before the gale; they saw the gallant plebe struggling in the water.
A Cadet’s Honor Upton Sinclair

But in this sea, which so easily swamped the canoes, the catboat was as safe as a house.
Wyn’s Camping Days Amy Bell Marlowe

a sailing vessel with a single mast, set well forward and often unstayed, and a large sail, usually rigged with a gaff Shortened form cat


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