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a receptacle, located where a street gutter opens into a sewer, designed to retain matter that would not readily pass through the sewer.
Historical Examples

You laugh at my catch-basin, some of you; I did not know what they wished these catch-basins might be, and you don’t know.
The Crime of the Century Henry M. Hunt

The three men raised the cover of the catch-basin and Reese was lowered into it.
The Crime of the Century Henry M. Hunt

One-half mile south in a catch-basin was found the body of Dr. Cronin.
The Crime of the Century Henry M. Hunt

At last the ditch was cleaned out, and the foreman concluded to take a look into the catch-basin before quitting for the night.
The Crime of the Century Henry M. Hunt

Hence it was that the catch-basin in which the body had been hidden was missed.
The Crime of the Century Henry M. Hunt

Reese was again lowered into the catch-basin and after a few moments exclaimed that he had made a further find.
The Crime of the Century Henry M. Hunt

Accordingly they decided to take the body from the trunk, put it in the catch-basin and take the trunk back to the cottage.
The Crime of the Century Henry M. Hunt

A catch-basin should be provided just outside the factory for all solid material which might clog the sewer pipe.
The Book of Cheese Charles Thom and Walter Warner Fisk

(US & Canadian) a pit in a drainage system in which matter that might otherwise block a sewer is collected so that it may periodically be removed Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) catch pit


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