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Catch in the act

see under catch red-handed


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  • Catchline

    a word, phrase, or sentence used, especially in advertising or journalism, to arouse or call attention. a line in which a catchword appears. a line of lesser importance, set shorter or sometimes in smaller type than the lines above and beneath it. Theater. a line of comic dialogue expected to elicit laughter. slug1 (def 10a).

  • Catch napping

    Surprise, take unawares. This term is often used in the passive, as in The United States was really caught napping the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor . It originated in the mid-1500s as to be taken napping also see under: off guard Historical Examples But he was one of those wary old watch-dogs who […]

  • Catch off guard

    see under off guard

  • Catch one flat footed

    having flatfeet. taking or showing an uncompromising stand in a matter; firm and explicit: a flatfooted denial. clumsy or plodding; maladroit: flatfooted writing. catch one flatfooted, to catch one unprepared; surprise: The amount of the bill caught us flatfooted. adjective Unprepared; surprised •Usu in the phrase catch someone flatfooted: He just stood there flatfooted and […]

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