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noun (pl) -cries
(Austral) a well-known, frequently used phrase, esp one associated with a particular group, etc


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    a person or thing that catches. Baseball. the player stationed behind home plate, whose chief duty is to catch pitches not hit by the batter. a member of an aerialist team, as in a circus, who hangs head down from a trapeze and catches another member who has completed a jump or somersault through the […]

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    box1 (def 16d).

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    a novel (1951) by J. D. Salinger.

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    See under Klystron. a brand name for a vacuum tube containing an electron gun, a resonator that changes the velocity of the electron beam in accordance with a signal (buncher resonator) a drift tube in which the electron velocity does not change, another resonator that abstracts energy from the electron beam (catcher resonator) and an […]

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