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(formerly) a petty officer of justice, especially one arresting persons for debt.
Historical Examples

The gallant traitor did not linger for the governor’s catchpoll to seize him.
A Dream of Empire William Henry Venable

Once come the catchpoll to mine house,—I wis not on what business, for, poor man!
Joyce Morrell’s Harvest Emily Sarah Holt

(in medieval England) a sheriff’s officer who arrested debtors

Old English *kæcepol “tax-gatherer,” from Old North French cachepol (Old French chacepol), from Medieval Latin cacepollus “a tax gatherer,” literally “chase-chicken.” For first element see chase (v.), for second see pullet. In lieu of taxes they would confiscate poultry. Later in English more specifically as “a sheriff’s officer whose duty was to make arrests for debt.” Cf. Old French chacipolerie “tax paid to a nobleman by his subjects allowing them and their families to shelter in his castle in wartime.”


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