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to arrange in categories or classes; classify.
to describe by labeling or giving a name to; characterize.
(transitive) to place in a category; classify

1705, from category + -ize. Related: Categorized; categorizing.


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  • Category

    any general or comprehensive division; a class. a classificatory division in any field of knowledge, as a phylum or any of its subdivisions in biology. Metaphysics. (in Aristotelian philosophy) any of the fundamental modes of existence, such as substance, quality, and quantity, as determined by analysis of the different possible kinds of predication. (in Kantian […]

  • Category 3

    category 3 hardware (Cat 3, or “voice grade”) An American Standards Institute standard for UTP cables. Used, e.g., for 100BaseVG network cabling. (1998-06-30)

  • Category a

    adjective (Brit) (of a prisoner) regarded as highly dangerous and therefore requiring constant observation and maximum security (of a prison or prison unit) designed for such prisoners

  • Category d

    adjective (Brit) (of a prisoner) regarded as sufficiently trustworthy to be kept under open prison conditions (of a prison or prison unit) designed for such prisoners

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