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a female given name, form of Catherine.
Historical Examples

Caterina had been gazing fixedly at the Archbishop while he spoke, trying to understand.
The Royal Pawn of Venice Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull

Caterina cried, clasping her hands eagerly: “what did he do in my land?”
The Royal Pawn of Venice Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull

The child cried and clung to her neck; and Caterina cried and sobbed too.
The Hunter Cats of Connorloa Helen Jackson

Why—if some of Caterina’s house must escort her and abide with her—why not her brother Zorzi?
The Royal Pawn of Venice Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull

Caterina put out her hand in response to the smile and clasped that of Margherita.
The Royal Pawn of Venice Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull

And of my fealty, so solemnly sworn, Caterina knoweth naught.
The Royal Pawn of Venice Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull

His second wife was his cousin, Caterina, daughter of Bernab.
The Cathedral Builders Leader Scott

And must we accept it for the Caterina—who is very fair and tender?
The Royal Pawn of Venice Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull

Caterina, realizing that she had to deal with bad people, prepared a meal.
The Barrel Mystery William J. (William James) Flynn

Caterina is an angel compared with you, and yet my publisher has his doubts about her.
The Daughters of Danaus Mona Caird


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