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a strong cord made by twisting the dried intestines of animals, as sheep, used in stringing musical instruments and tennis rackets, for surgical sutures, etc.
Historical Examples

Simultaneously, the jockeys sat down to ridethere was the cruel swish of catgut, the crueler prodding of steel.
Ainslee’s, Vol. 15, No. 5, June 1905 Various

The perpetual use of bougies, either of catgut or of caoutchouc.
Zoonomia, Vol. II Erasmus Darwin

Each muscle I sutured by itself with catgut, making a separate series of continuous suturing of the fascia lata and skin.
Mortmain Arthur Cheny Train

I know that; but did not you hear Mrs. catgut say it was fashionable?
The Contrast Royall Tyler

Her nerves felt drawn to a tension that threatened to snap them like catgut drawn too tightly on a violin.
The Lone Ranger Rides Fran Striker

The other end of the catgut is fixed to the peg which fits in the hole in the roof.
Toy-Making at Home Morley Adams

This wound may be brought together by catgut sutures, or may be allowed to heal by granulation.
Surgery, with Special Reference to Podiatry Maximilian Stern

Then he bound her with the catgut, so that she was not able by any means to unloose herself.
Sagas from the Far East Various

Wound infection may take place from catgut which has not been efficiently prepared.
Manual of Surgery Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles

Like the viola da gamba, it has six strings and catgut frets.
Musical Myths and Facts, Volume I (of 2) Carl Engel

a strong cord made from the dried intestines of sheep and other animals that is used for stringing certain musical instruments and sports rackets, and, when sterilized, as surgical ligatures Often shortened to gut

1590s, altered from kitgut, probably from obsolete kit (n.2) “fiddle” + gut (n.). It was made from the intestines of sheep.

catgut cat·gut (kāt’gŭt’)
A tough, thin cord made from the treated and stretched intestines of certain animals, especially sheep, and used for surgical ligatures.


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