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a projecting timber or metal beam to which an anchor is hoisted and secured.
Historical Examples

Sube was still gazing at the banknote when cathead came out of the house.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

“They’re in the pantry,” said Sube as he started to follow cathead down the stairs.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

All of them started at the hollow echoing sound of Sube’s voice, and cathead made a movement towards the window.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

As cathead reached the bottom of the stairs, Sube dived under the bed.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

“You ain’t told me what you’re all dressed up for,” cathead reminded him presently.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

Not that he was afraid cathead would tell; he had no thought of that.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

The natural thing would have been to tell cathead the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

In due time cathead gruffly bade the child to come in and have a little liquor.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

The whale crashed into the bows of the Essex, staving them completely in directly under the cathead.
Bark Kathleen Sunk By A Whale Thomas H. Jenkins

Sube jumped back, ready for another antagonist, as cathead entered.
Sube Cane Edward Bellamy Partridge

a fitting at the bow of a vessel for securing the anchor when raised


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