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a positively charged ion that is attracted to the cathode in electrolysis.
any positively charged atom or group of atoms (opposed to anion).
Historical Examples

The remainder of the molecule, which usually consists of a single atom, is the cation.
An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson

It will be noticed that in neutralization the anion of the acid and the cation of the base are not changed.
An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson

For this class of grievances the present edu- cation of woman is responsible.
The Unexpurgated Case Against Women Suffrage Almroth E. Wright

a positively charged ion; an ion that is attracted to the cathode during electrolysis Compare anion

1834, from Greek kation “going down,” neuter present participle of katienai “to go down,” from kata “down” (see cata-) + ienai “to go” (see ion). Proposed by the Rev. William Whewell (1794-1866), English polymath, and published by English physicist Michael Faraday.

cation cat·i·on (kāt’ī’ən)
An ion or group of ions having a positive charge and characteristically moving toward the negative electrode in electrolysis.
An ion with net positive charge, having more protons than electrons. In electrolysis, cations migrate to a negatively charged cathode. Compare anion.


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