the faith, system, and practice of the , especially the .
(lowercase) .
Contemporary Examples

Be in no doubt: the decline of Catholicism in Irish life is chiefly the result of the Church’s own actions.
Father Ted: Comedy as Liberation Tom Doran March 7, 2013

Italy has 1.2 million Muslim residents and 20,000 Italians who have converted to Islam from Catholicism.
An Islamic Louvre On Venice’s Canals Barbie Latza Nadeau February 22, 2014

Catholicism, understood on its own terms, is radically opposed to American culture, and to the essence of modernity.
The End of a ‘Catholic Moment,’ Ctd. Justin Green February 16, 2013

Six years ago, Reisz was a student at a Kentucky seminary school, studying Catholicism.
How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Is Shaking Up the Business of the Romance Genre Chris Berube June 5, 2012

The former two-term governor of Florida speaks fluent Spanish, is a convert to Catholicism, and has high name recognition.
5 Reasons Why Republicans Should Say No to Jeb 2016 Myra Adams March 31, 2014

In that light, immigration is a repeat of the Reconquest, when Ferdinand and Isabella took Spain back for Catholicism.
Learning From Carlos Fuentes, One Year On Ethan Shaskan Bumas May 14, 2013

Perhaps Callista has grounded him and he has found redemption after converting to Catholicism, as he says.
How Newt Gingrich Crashed and Burned When He Was House Speaker Howard Kurtz, Lois Romano December 26, 2011

Catholicism, from the outside, carries a deep knowledge of human suffering and pain.
The American Prophet of Delusion: Robert Stone in Conversation David Samuels November 14, 2013

The Catholic League should be in the business of defending Catholicism, no?
Darks Days for Bill Donohue Michael Tomasky December 17, 2013

And there is something divinely radical that connects rebellious women within Islam and Catholicism.
Christian Mom Faces Execution Asra Q. Nomani December 14, 2010

short for Roman Catholicism
the beliefs, practices, etc, of any Catholic Church

“faith and practice of the Catholic church,” 1610s, from Catholic + -ism.

The beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

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