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the act or practice of .
the office or power of a .
the time during which a censor holds office.
the inhibiting and distorting activity of the Freudian censor.
Contemporary Examples

So this startling move towards Internet censorship should come as no surprise.
The UK’s War on Porn: ‘Proof That Men Making These Rules Do Not See Women as Equals’ Aurora Snow December 5, 2014

Political prisoners were released, and censorship of the media and the Internet was relaxed.
Myanmar’s Free Burma Rangers Are Like Doctors Without Borders…With Guns James Griffiths April 18, 2014

There has been no censorship yet, but hate mail still persists, according to Haddad, including a recent rape threat.
Nude Art Mag Riles Middle East Betwa Sharma September 2, 2010

It neither speaks of the censorship from which the Iranian cinema acutely suffers, nor the political repression.
Iranian Movie ‘A Separation’ Gets Oscar Buzz, Political Flak Omid Memarian February 7, 2012

Students can talk about censorship, dictatorship, and a world where visual images are celebrated over the world of print.
Ray Bradbury, Dead at 91, Taught Generations of Readers How to Dream Malcolm Jones June 5, 2012

Historical Examples

Leo Tolstoi voiced his sentiments in a letter which could not be published on account of the censorship.
History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, Vol. 3 of 3. S. M. Dubnow

The discovery of a new spot on the sun is evidently a case for the censorship.
Napoleon the Little Victor Hugo

In short, the censorship did what it always does: it left the poison on the table and carefully locked up the antidote.
Three Plays by Brieux Eugne Brieux

Under the Restoration the censorship was not less severe than under Napoleon.
Old and New Paris, v. 2 Henry Sutherland Edwards

I went on as if unconscious of the censorship, the boys exerting themselves all the more eagerly for the sake of the ‘gallery.’
Tracks of a Rolling Stone Henry J. Coke

a policy or programme of censoring
the act or system of censoring
(psychoanal) the activity of the mind in regulating impulses, etc, from the unconscious so that they are modified before reaching the conscious mind

1590s, “office of a censor,” from censor (n.) + -ship. Meaning “action of censoring” is from 1824.


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