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(Charles) Bruce, 1899–1978, U.S. journalist and historian.
Contemporary Examples

Catton has spun a great story, in a good old-fashioned-yet-modern kind of way.
This Week’s Hot Reads: October 7, 2013 Damaris Colhoun October 6, 2013

Mr. Catton makes it heartbreakingly clear that the Civil War was unavoidable.
Bob Barker’s Book Showcase Bob Barker April 17, 2009

The Coming Furyby Bruce Catton “Mr. Catton makes it heartbreakingly clear that the Civil War was unavoidable.”
Bob Barker’s Book Showcase Bob Barker April 17, 2009

Catton never shows, she tells, wagging on in the most officious way.
Hatchet Job of the Year 2014 Shortlist Announced The Telegraph January 18, 2014

Historical Examples

I must not hurry Dr Catton; but as it is a matter of much importance, I much wish to consult him.
Clara Maynard W.H.G. Kingston

May I request an interview with Dr Catton, should he be now living here?
Clara Maynard W.H.G. Kingston

“Don’t ask me,” Catton, the night watchman said, as he held his hands to his head.
The Slave of Silence Fred M. White

A parachute with a cat in the basket was thrown out, and descended at Catton.
Norfolk Annals Charles Mackie

Jeremiah Ives, Esq., of Catton, was elected mayor a second time.
A Comprehensive History of Norwich A. D. Bayne

The sails of Catton mill were blown off, trees were torn up by the roots, and the river suddenly rose above the banks in places.
Norfolk Annals Charles Mackie


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