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Cell bridge

cell bridge n.
See intercellular bridge.


Read Also:

  • Cell culture

    cell culture n. The maintenance or growth of dispersed cells in a medium after removal from the body. A culture of such cells.

  • Cell-cycle

    the cycle of growth and asexual reproduction of a cell, consisting of interphase followed in actively dividing cells by prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. noun the growth cycle of eukaryotic cells. It is divided into five stages, known as G0, in which the cell is quiescent, G1 and G2, in which it increases in size, […]

  • Cell-division

    the division of a cell in reproduction or growth. Historical Examples noun (cytology) the division of a cell into two new cells during growth or reproduction See amitosis, meiosis, mitosis cell division n. The process by which a cell divides to form two daughter cells, each of which contains the same genetic material as the […]

  • Cell-fusion

    the merging of two or more cells into a single cell. cell fusion n. The nondestructive merging of the contents of two cells by artificial means, resulting in a heterokaryon that will reproduce genetically alike, multinucleated progeny for a few generations.

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