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a republic in central Africa: a member of the French Community. 238,000 sq. mi. (616,420 sq. km).
Capital: Bangui.
a landlocked country of central Africa: joined with Chad as a territory of French Equatorial Africa in 1910; became an independent republic in 1960; a parliamentary monarchy (1976–79); consists of a huge plateau, mostly savanna, with dense forests in the south; drained chiefly by the Shari and Ubangi Rivers. Official language: French; Sango is the national language. Religion: Christian and animist. Currency: franc. Capital: Bangui. Pop: 5 166 510 (2013 est). Area: 622 577 sq km (240 376 sq miles) Former names (until 1958) Ubangi-Shari, (1976–79) Central African Empire French name République Centrafricaine (repyblik sɑ̃trafrikɛn)


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