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(in prescriptions) wax.
Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples

catcher’s earned run average


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  • Ceraceous

    waxlike; waxy: a ceraceous surface. adjective waxlike or waxy adj. “waxy,” 1738, from Latin cera “wax” (see cere (n.)) + -aceous.

  • Ceram

    an island of the Moluccas in Indonesia, W of New Guinea. 7191 sq. mi. (18,625 sq. km). Historical Examples noun a variant spelling of Seram

  • Ceramal

    cermet. noun another name for cermet

  • Ceramic

    of or relating to products made from clay and similar materials, as pottery and brick, or to their manufacture: ceramic art. ceramic material. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples noun a hard brittle material made by firing clay and similar substances an object made from such a material adjective of, relating to, or made from a ceramic: […]

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