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variant of cerebro- before a vowel:

cerebr- pref.
Variant of cerebro-.


Read Also:

  • Cerebrum

    the anterior and largest part of the brain, consisting of two halves or hemispheres and serving to control voluntary movements and coordinate mental actions. the forebrain and the midbrain. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples noun (pl) -brums, -bra (-brə) the anterior portion of the brain of vertebrates, consisting of two lateral hemispheres joined by a thick […]

  • Cerebral accident

    cerebral accident n. See stroke.

  • Cerebral amyloid angiopathy

    cerebral amyloid angiopathy n. A pathological condition of small cerebral vessels characterized by deposits of amyloid in the vessel walls which may lead to infarcts or hemorrhage.

  • Cerebral anesthesia

    cerebral anesthesia n. Loss of sensation due to a lesion in the cerebrum.

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