of, relating to, or characterized by ; formal; ritual:
a ceremonial occasion.
used in or in connection with :
ceremonial robes.
a system of ceremonies, rites, or formalities prescribed for or observed on any particular occasion; a rite.
Roman Catholic Church.

the order for rites and .
a book containing it.

formal behavior found at, or appropriate to, a certain occasion:
the ceremonial of a state banquet.
Contemporary Examples

Throwing out a ceremonial first pitch has always been a blessing and a curse.
Viral Video of the Day: Chrissy Teigen’s Drunken Dodger Pitch Jack Holmes August 6, 2014

After the ceremony, the pope ditched his mitre and ceremonial robes and hopped into the popemobile for a spin around the square.
Onscene as Pope Francis Makes Saints of John Paul II and John XXIII Barbie Latza Nadeau April 26, 2014

He plotted to put their conference room to his personal use as a ceremonial office to host visiting dignitaries.
Advice for a New Justice Seth Stern, Stephen Wermiel October 4, 2010

ceremonial hyperbole aside, those comparisons are, of course, preposterous.
Did the White House Snub Petraeus? John Barry September 3, 2011

Indeed there is a pre-Hispanic ceremonial site located a scant 400 meters from the outer edge of the Otomí Lake & Villas property.
Trading Dime Bags for Salvador Dali Jason McGahan October 18, 2014

Historical Examples

The whole moral code was rendered impotent by them, while ceremonial cleansing was the be-all and end-all of their system.
India, Its Life and Thought John P. Jones

He liked the Easter ceremonial better, perhaps, than that of Christmas.
The Foolish Lovers St. John G. Ervine

The seven uniforms were once the ceremonial dress of the seven guilds established by Prince Mechow.
Meccania Owen Gregory

To this the soothsayer adds the ceremonial element, ‘attending upon the gods.’
Euthyphro Plato

He determined to break through this ceremonial nonsense, see Bivens face to face, and settle the affair at once.
The Root of Evil Thomas Dixon

involving or relating to ceremony or ritual
the observance of formality, esp in etiquette
a plan for formal observances on a particular occasion; ritual

the prescribed order of rites and ceremonies
a book containing this


c.1400, “belonging to (religious) ritual,” also as a noun, “a ceremonial practice,” from Late Latin caerimonialis “pertaining to ceremony,” from caerimonia (see ceremony). Related: Ceremonially.

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