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having or proved by a certificate:
a certified representative.
guaranteed; reliably endorsed:
a certified check.
legally declared insane.
committed to a mental institution.
to attest as certain; give reliable information of; confirm:
He certified the truth of his claim.
to testify to or vouch for in writing:
The medical examiner will certify his findings to the court.
to guarantee; endorse reliably:
to certify a document with an official seal.
to guarantee (a check) by writing on its face that the account against which it is drawn has sufficient funds to pay it.
to award a certificate to (a person) attesting to the completion of a course of study or the passing of a qualifying examination.
to declare legally insane and committable to a mental institution.
Archaic. to assure or inform with certainty.
to give assurance; testify; vouch for the validity of something (usually followed by to).
holding or guaranteed by a certificate
endorsed or guaranteed: a certified cheque
(of a person) declared legally insane
verb -fies, -fying, -fied
to confirm or attest (to), usually in writing: the letter certified her age
(transitive) to endorse or guarantee (that certain required standards have been met)
to give reliable information or assurances: he certified that it was Walter’s handwriting
(transitive) to declare legally insane
(transitive) (US & Canadian) (of a bank) to state in writing on (a cheque) that payment is guaranteed

mid-14c., “to declare the truth of,” also “to vouch for or confirm” (an official record, etc.), from Old French certefiier “make certain, witness the truth of” (12c.), from Late Latin certificare “to certify, to make certain,” from Latin certus (see certain) + root of facere “to make, do” (see factitious). Also used in Middle English in broader senses of “inform, give notice; instruct, to direct; to designate.” Related: Certified; certifying. Certified public accountant attested from 1896.


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  • Certified accountant

    noun (in Britain) a member of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, who is authorized to audit company accounts Compare chartered accountant, certified public accountant

  • Certified-check

    a check bearing a guarantee of payment by the bank on which the check is drawn.

  • Certified-mail

    uninsured first-class mail requiring proof of delivery.

  • Certified-milk

    milk, either pasteurized or unpasteurized, that is processed in dairies conforming to official medical standards of sanitation. certified milk cer·ti·fied milk (sûr’tə-fīd’) n. Pasteurized or unpasteurized cow’s milk having no more than 10,000 bacteria per milliliter at any time prior to delivery, and maintained at 50° F or less prior to delivery.

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